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Delaying Your Dreams?

...until I lose weight.

...until I have more

...until my mom
beats cancer.

...until the kids
go to college.

...until I feel more

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But what if...

you pursued your dreams


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What if living your dreams


gave you the


to fall in love
with life


to start
that business


to travel solo


to take
that chance...

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What if your dreams

are the roadmap

to the life you

were meant

to live?

Do You Find It Hard To Make Time For Your Dreams?

Doesn’t it feel sometimes, like everyone else comes first? Like the push to have “more” has left you with less?

Less time. Less energy. Less confidence.

It’s no wonder, given the pressures of modern life: The pressure to be “perfect.” To have a perfect career, a perfect family, and perfect looks.

You try your best to live up to everyone else’s expectations. And more often than not, you exceed them. On the good days, you realize you’ve more than earned the right to live your dreams. On the good days…

But then the fear sets in. As real and pressing as a crying child or a mourning friend.

“How can you say no to all the people who depend on you? What if I make a mistake? What if I’m not good enough? What if it’s selfish to want my dreams? How can I possibly make the time when I barely have a moment for myself?”

That’s what the fear-voice asks. Over and over, incessantly, until one day you forget that the fear-voice—the guilt-voice, the shame voice, the career-voice—isn’t you!

And you wonder: When did life become about being “more” instead of living fully?

Because you used to play. You remember the little girl who twirled in a dress, who picked up a paintbrush just to see how the colors looked when you swiped it across the paper.

And on the good days, deep down, you acknowledge it. You want to play again. To finally experience the dreams you relied on to get you through the hard times. To actually do the things you were supposed to reward yourself with for being a solid friend / a loving daughter / a supportive wife / a protective mother.

I began to write a list of dreams: Places I wanted to see, things I wanted to learn, and gifts I wanted to share with others. When I was done I had a list of 101 dreams.

~ Marci Nault, Founder DreamsCo

You don’t need permission. You just need a path…

DreamsCo, and The Dreams Tasting Event, is for every woman who doesn’t remember the last thing she did for herself. For every woman who struggles to acknowledge and honor her dreams. For every woman who doesn’t know where to start, or has ever been afraid.

You can learn to play again. You can remember how to dream.

The Dreams Tasting Event gives you the time and space to be a kid again, and to try out everything you’ve ever wanted to do, all in a supportive community.

Click here to learn how you can attend our upcoming event in Boston, April 29, 2017.

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Have You Ever Wanted To...

  • Learn Silk Acrobatics
  • Land an Axel or a Double in Figure Skating
  • Become a Bestselling Author.
  • Have a book I’ve written made into a movie.
  • Visit Portugal.
  • Raft the Nile.
  • See the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.
  • See U2 in Concert.
  • Become a dance performer.
  • Private
  • Private

Ever Have A Moment When You Wonder What Life’s About?

Marci Nault, author of THE LAKE HOUSE
Marci Nault, AuthorTHE LAKE HOUSE
THE LAKE HOUSE by Marci Nault

This story is one of forgiveness and redemption, of deep and lasting, life-long love, a story with heart and compassion. If you read one book this summer, make sure it’s The Lake House.

Pamela Thompson, Book Blogger

My moment came in June of 2008, after watching my brother lie in a coma that nearly killed him.

As I thought about the fragility of life, I realized I wasn’t living the way I desired and it’d been months since I’d laughed. I began to wonder what I would want if I could have anything and I wasn’t afraid of failure. I began to write a list of dreams: places I wanted to see; things I wanted to learn; gifts I wanted to share with others. When I was done I had a list of 101 dreams. I added one last wish – to laugh so hard with a stranger my sides hurt. Then I folded the list and put it in my pocket, not thinking I could accomplish my dreams.

That night, at the hotel I was staying at in Napa, the concierge invited me for drinks. By the end of the evening I was laughing so hard my sides ached. I realized that one of my dreams had come true. I took out my list and wondered, what if?

Since that night, I’ve actively pursued and completed 96 of the items on my bucket-list and I’ve fallen in love with the world and life.

This site is meant to inspire you to achieve your bucket/life-list today not someday. On my List of Dreams page, you can click the links to the dreams I’ve accomplished and see pictures and stories of how they came true. In my blog, you can follow my journey: the days of pure bliss when my life is more miraculous than I could ever imagine, along with the moments where I feel like I’m not enough. I hope by sharing my journey you will see that I’m just an average person, not unlike yourself. For only you can choose to make your dreams come true, and I’m proof that dreams are meant to happen.

This journey has led me in a way I could’ve never imagined. After five years of pursuing my dreams, I realized how many women felt guilty or were too stressed and overwhelmed to even think about their dreams. When I began my list I wondered, Who am I to believe I can have all of this? Do I even have the right? I realized that most women feel this way, and that we’ve passed this idea down through the generations.

Without knowing how to do it, I set out to change the conversation amongst women. Instead of saying that everyone else should be first and that it’s selfish to put your dreams at the top of the list I want women to realize that their dreams are there for a reason and they have every right to pursue them.

My company, DreamsCo, and The Dreams Tasting Tour are all about this change. Through events where women can begin to pursue their dreams in a supportive environment, and through an online community and a Dreams Tasting Society, we hope to change women’s lives. Because your dreams are the road map to the life you’re meant to live. They’re there for a reason, and I hope you’ll join us as we create a community of women who believe that no matter where you are in life, dreaming and living those dreams is important.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We’re Here To Help.

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