The 101 Dreams Come True Contest – Helping Women Make Their Dreams Come True

There was a time in my life when I believed I was responsible for everyone’s happiness. My dreams were less important than the needs of those I loved.

It wasn’t until five years ago, when I dared to ask, “What do I want? If I wasn’t afraid and didn’t play by the rules I’d been taught, or spent time worrying about other’s opinions, how would I live my life?”

These questions terrified me, because if I said what I really desired then I’d be vulnerable and furthermore responsible for my own happiness, but I took the scariest step I’ve ever taken and I wrote down everything I desired. I was shocked at all the dreams I listed – 101 total. Who knew I wanted so much? Somehow in caring for everyone else I hadn’t understood how big my spirit wanted to become.

Five years after making my list, everything has changed and it’s been an incredible journey to actively pursue my dreams and complete 91 of them. I’ve lived on the edge feeling as if I were constantly jumping off cliffs not just hoping the parachute would open, but wondering if I had enough material to sew it together on the way down, but it’s been worth it.

I’m at a point where I believe that my journey can be an example that our dreams are the roadmap to the life we’re meant to live.

I’ve created the 101 Dreams Come True Contest. I’m asking people to sign up by naming one big dream they’ve always wanted and to go after it with everything they have for one year, while supporting others pursuing their dreams within our community. Going after and achieving your dreams should be enough but I thought I’d sweeten the pot by offering prizes to help motivate you.



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I was asked why I would take this on. What do I get out it? The answer – I realized with the success of my novel, THE LAKE HOUSE, I had a community of women who could be brought together to help one another. With my bridal company, I have access to gifts women would love to have to motivate them to achieve their dreams.

More than anything I’m doing this contest for the women in my life: the friend who went through depression this year and is trying to find her way; my mother who spent five years giving up her life to care for my grandmother and doesn’t know where to begin to take care of herself; the friend in a bad relationship who’s stopped believing their could be more; the young designer who’s giving everything she has and wondering if her business and dream will fail in the end; and for all the women who get up everyday and selflessly give to their families with their whole heart while putting themselves last.

I believe women are caregivers by nature, and if they unite in the importance of fulfilling their dreams the world will be a better place. Maybe that’s asking for too much, but I come from a long line of women who’ve given up their dreams to give to others. I broke that cycle and realized that I can give so much more when I feel fulfilled. I hope you’ll join me and spread the word. Let’s create a community that unites in the beauty of the female spirit and what we can achieve through how we give of our hearts – starting by giving to ourselves.

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To kickstart the contest I’ve teamed with an incredible list of authors (see list below) who’ve given signed copies of their books and written special messages about pursuing their dreams. There’s no one on earth who knows better than an author how hard it is to achieve a huge dream and what it takes. These women wrote for years in the hope that someday they might be published.

And since a fun part of being female is purses, dresses, and bling I’ve also teamed with Dominie Luxury Bags and Bri Seeley Designs – two designers who’ve worked hard to fulfill their dreams. Sign up now through November and name your dream and you’re entered to win the Dominie Jelly Tote filled with signed books. Inspire 25 friends to sign up and you’ll have the chance to win a Bri Seeley Charlotte Dress and a secret prize that will start you on the right path to achieving your goal.

Signing up is just the beginning! Throughout the year, I’ll be there along with my team to help you pursue your dreams. Post, support others, have fun with the community, and you can win The Grand Prize – A luxury trip to the Napa Valley to attend a private party at Castello Di Amorosa’s Royal Heart Gala in a Sue Wong Gown of your choice and many more prizes.

Put aside whatever’s stopping you. Forget the reasons you can’t have what you desire. Join us and have some fun!

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List of Authors:

Marci Nault:   The Lake House

Randy Susan Myers:   The Comfort of Lies and The Comfort of Food (only available to book clubs but she’s giving us a copy)

Leslie Lehr:   What A Mother Knows

Kristina McMorris:   The Pieces We Keep (ARC)

Yona McDonough:   Two of a Kind

Susan Crandall:   Whistling Past The Graveyard

Barbara Claypole:   The Unfinished Garden & The In-Between Hour

Kellie Gilbert:   Mother of Pearl

Janie Chang:   Three Souls

Roberta Gately:   The Bracelet

Kaira Rouda:   Here, Home, Hope & Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials For Women Entrepreneurs

Andrea Lochen:   The Repeat Year

Anita Hughes:   Lake Como

Lori Spielman:   The Life List

Sharon Short:   My One Square Inch of Alaska

Lisa Wingate:   The Prayer Box

Sue Meisner: Girls in The Glass

Caroline Leavitt: This is Tomorrow


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