The Dreams Tasting Event ~ When Failure Leads to The Right Place

Today marks a moment three years in the making – I’m opening registration for the first annual Dreams Tasting Event for Women.

When I made my list of dreams I never thought, I want to hold a large scale event where women could come and choose from 5o different activities on their bucket-list and try them out all in one day. The only dream that I’d written down that could’ve led me to this point was that I wanted to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Be careful what you wish for. . .when it comes to dreams they always come much bigger than you could’ve imagined.

My plan was to hopefully inspire people by writing about my journey to complete my list of 101 dreams. Months after I began, I received emails from as far away as London and Australia from women who after reading my blog started to pursue their own dreams. Cool. Item checked off.

But then I went on book tour for THE LAKE HOUSE and too many women couldn’t name their dreams. Those that could would whisper to me behind their hands as if they were ashamed to say them.

Worse was the discussion that it was better to be selfless as a woman. Selfish some = bad. Hmm?

I wanted to find a way to change what I was hearing. My personal dream to inspire others to follow their dreams became more important than even writing my next novel, and I put it out to the universe to find a way.

I thought I’d do a contest and bribe women. Well that was an epic failure. No one even understood what I meant when I said name one dream and go after it in a year while supporting someone else to follow their dreams and you can win a dream trip to Napa.

Then inspiration hit while I was at a wine tasting. If you could taste an ounce of wine before you bought the bottle, then what if I could give women the chance to taste their dreams. For one day try things in a supportive environment and get over the first step hurdle that stops so many.

Once I thought the idea everything began to move at a rapid pace. Suddenly I was selling my home in California for seed money, hiring people that had huge resumes, and I moved to Boston to build the event.

And I failed. I listened to the wrong people. I learned the hard way that I  hated being a boss. I lost money. I chose to go smaller, baby steps, only to have the worst winter on record destroy any chance of people coming to events. I couldn’t find a place to live so for three months I had to move home with my mother. When I finally found a home the pipes burst in the first two days from the freezing temperatures. Then the worst winter on record stopped all chances of anyone leaving their homes to get to an event. Add a ruptured ACL from skiing and snow that just wouldn’t stop falling from the sky and in those dark winter months my dream died.

I tried a different approach to inspire women. I was asked to do a radio program and after three months of putting so much work into the pilot the company lost their funding before they could get the women’s network off the ground.

So for probably the first time in my life I gave up.

I focused on my own life. I went back to going after my personal dreams. My obsession was released.

But what I’ve learned on this journey is that dreams don’t ever die. They live and breathe somewhere in the ethers of the universe waiting for the right time and place. At a bar in Boston I met a friend of a friend who introduced me to FMP- an event company in Boston.

FMP loved my idea and saw my vision. Now this dream is coming true. And better yet, I get to do what I do best, and leave the stuff I don’t know how to do to people who are awesome at it. This is what I was secretly asking for in the back of my mind the whole time I was trying to do it the wrong way.

I tell you this story because I want you to know that our dreams live in us for a reason. They are the roadmap to the life we’re meant to live. If I hadn’t had the original idea I wouldn’t have sold my home in California and moved back to Boston–where I now realize I’m meant to be. If I hadn’t failed I’d still be a boss and miserable and I wouldn’t be working with the greatest team I could ever hope for–one that gives me wine in a plastic cup with a straw to relax me because cameras make me uncomfortable.

So many people say, ‘someday’ because they fear their not enough, that they somehow don’t deserve their dreams, or because they think it will be too painful to fail.

So here’s the deal. You will fail. Just accept that. Because failure most of the time is just your dreams carrying you on the road to where you’re meant to be.

This Dreams Tasting Event is a huge risk, but as the owner of FMP said, “We just have to jump.” After jumping off cliffs for eight years without a parachute and finding the material on the way down to build my wings–I know that the jump is always worth it no matter what happens.

So on April 29, 2017 I hope you come and jump with us at The Dreams Tasting Event.

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