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The Dreams Tasting Tour for Women

 Kick-off Boston March 7, 2015

What’s the dream tasting tour?

Ever wanted to write a novel? Take that dream trip? Start your own business? Do Stand Up Comedy? Walk a Runway? Learn Photography? Learn an Instrument? Become an Iron Chef or Sommelier?

What if you could taste all these things in one place, plus so much more, in a supportive environment with women of all ages. The Dreams Tasting Tour is a day long event coming to a city near you where you can try out as many activities on your dreams list that we can think up. Tell us what’s on your list and we will try our hardest to bring it to you all in a supportive, fun environment.

It’s time for women’s dreams to be a priority!

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What Will You Taste?

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Circus Arts

Salsa Dancing

Iron Chef

Costume Design

So Much More

Marci’s Story

In 2008, Marci Nault, made a list of 101 Dreams she wanted to experience including: traveling the world; living in Italy; owning her home outright; learning to live decadently; becoming a published novelist: and many more. Within five years she’d completed 90 of her biggest dreams and with the publication of her novel THE LAKE HOUSE she began to tour the country speaking to women.

During this time, she started conversations with women about their dreams. The common theme she heard – it’s better to be selfless than to focus on one’s self. Many had never taken the time to think about their dreams due to an overbooked life of taking care of others. Others had been discouraged by those in their lives. Too often the negative attitude came from other women.

It’s Time to Change the Conversation!

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