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101 Dreams Come True Contest – Pursue Your Dream This Year

In one year, what could you accomplish? If you weren’t afraid, what would you dare to dream, to do? If money weren’t a deterrent, what would you want? Where would go?  What could you make happen?

Enter the 101 Dreams Come True Contest and find out.


Join in:

Sign-up through the 101 Dreams Come True Facebook Fan Page or at our website. www.facebook.com/pages/101-Dreams-Come-True or www.101dreamscometrue.com


Answer one question:

What do you want to achieve?

It can big or small. It doesn’t have to be one grand dream.  It can be a number of different activities you’ve always wanted to do. It can be a way to start a healthier lifestyle by doing an activity you love, or finding a way to make that dream trip come true. But whatever it is, you have to want it with all your heart. You have to be afraid, because that means you want it with everything you have and it would hurt not to achieve it.

Share Your Journey

Post updates at least weekly, but more often is great. You must post about the steps you’re taking to pursue your dream. You can also post about your fears, the things getting in the way, your frustrations, but the post should end on a positive note. Share pictures. Upload a video.  Get creative. Show to yourself and the world that no matter what’s happening in your life you’re making one dream you’ve had a priority.

Help Others

This contest is about community and finding support for your dreams while supporting others. Check out other women’s dreams and comment on their posts letting them know they’re not alone.

Win Prizes!

We have some incredible prizes from our sponsors and the only way to win is to participate. Winners will be based on participation, support given to others and completion or progress towards achieving the set goal.

The Grand Prize is a trip for two to the Napa Valley: three-night stay at Riverpointe Resort; two tickets to Castello di Amorosa’s Royal Heart’s Ball; a dress from Sue Wong Designs; a pair of designer shoes; a beautiful necklace and earrings from Meg Couture Jewelry; limo transportation to and from the Castle; and a personal luncheon with Marci Nault the creator of 101 Dreams Come True and the author of THE LAKE HOUSE.

Other Prizes:

*  Win a one of a kind, custom-made dress from Bri Seeley. Bri will speak with you to discuss your personal style, body type, and anticipated venue where the dress will be worn to create your unique dress!

Bri Seeley is a Los Angeles based fashion brand that creates uniquely feminine fashion for the inspired woman. The styles are contemporary with intriguing details, and Made in America with the highest quality fabrics. Each piece is designed to enhance the female figure and allow the wearers inner beauty to shine.

*  Be published. Twenty-five women’s stories of pursuing their dreams will be featured in 101 Dreams Come True – Celebrating Women’s Passion book.

Quarterly Drawings:

Win a designer jelly handbag by Dominie filled with signed copies of books by your favorite female authors. Each book will include a handwritten note from the author about what it took for her to pursue her dreams.

Monthly Drawings:

Win a chance to speak with Marci Nault directly about your dreams and how to accomplish them. Answer three random questions about her novel, THE LAKE HOUSE, and be entered to win a one-hour consultation on with Marci. Once entered with the correct answers, your name will remain in the drawing till the end of the contest.

Additional drawings and prizes may also be included. 

You’ve entered, now get inspired.

  1. Go to www.101dreamscometrue.com and read through the blog for inspiration.
  2. Look for daily updates on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and the Facebook Fan Page.
  3. Support the project by donating as little as a dollar. This project is all about community helping each other. Donations go towards creating inspiring products and events to bring women together.
  4. Subscribe to the blog for the latest inspiration from our founders Marci Nault and Ixiim Flores, along with other wonderful contributors who are going after their dreams, just like you.
  5. Stay Tuned!  Visit our Facebook Fan Page or Twitter feed to learn about joining hour-long online chats with our founders Marci Nault and Ixiim Flores where they answer your questions and inspire you further.
  6. Coming Soon! Go to our store to find products that can help you stay excited and overcome any roadblocks in your way.


Rules and Regulations

Anyone can join the contest, but you must be over 21-years-old to win the Grand Prize.  The community is not a place to promote your own interests or businesses. Posts of a sexual, violent, or product or self-promotional nature will be cause for immediate removal and disqualification.

All final stories must be received at contest@101dreamscometrue.com no later than December 1, 2014. Stories must be no longer than 500 words and state the dream in the title with name of participant. Stories must include roadblocks that have been overcome, how you’ve supported others, what if felt like to accomplish your dream and include a picture in the body of the email. No attachments will be accepted.


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