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To read more about each completed dream, please click on the bolded text to the right of each dream. If there’s no bold text, then that dream is unrealized as of today. Please check back periodically to see my updated list and read about my experiences. My hope is that this list of dreams will inspire you to create and go after your own life-list.

  1. To laugh so hard with a stranger my sides hurt.   Laughter
  2. Learn to Figure Skate.   Figure Skating
  3. Own my home outright.   My Home
  4. To live in Italy for one month.    Italy
  5. See Alaska.    Alaska
  6. Go on an African safari.    Africa
  7. Raft the Zambezi and see Victoria Falls.    Victoria Falls
  8. See Vienna.    Vienna
  9. To have an amazing group of friends.    Friendship
  10. Learn to scuba dive.    Scuba Diving
  11. Sky dive.    Sky Diving
  12. Travel around Europe solo.    Solo Travel
  13. See Ireland.    Ireland
  14. Visit China.    China
  15. Raft the Grand Canyon.    Rafting the Grand Canyon
  16. To write a fiction novel and have an agent.    Agent Representation
  17. Go to Tibet.    Tibet
  18. Go to Thailand.    Thailand
  19. Ride in a hot air balloon.    The Ride
  20. Go to a private party in Napa.    Private Party
  21. Hike Half Dome in Yosemite.    The Hike
  22. Learn to white-water kayak.    White Water Kayaking
  23. Firewalk and teach others.    Firewalking
  24. Snorkel in Belize and kayak the jungles.    Belize
  25. Learn to Salsa dance.    Salsa
  26. Go to Costa Rica.    Costa Rica
  27. See the Mayan ruins in Central America.    Mayan Ruins
  28. Own a pair of designer shoes.    Sparkly Shoes
  29. Swim with wild dolphins.    Swim with Wild Dolphins
  30. See Hawaii.    Hawaii
  31. Own fabulous bedding.    Fluffy Bedding
  32. Bring my mom to Yosemite, California.    Mother/Daughter trip
  33. To go to Disney World with my family.    Disney with Family
  34. To visit New Zealand.    New Zealand
  35. Go to Japan.    Japan
  36. Go to a Patriot’s game in Gilette Stadium.    The Game
  37. Sleep in a palace.    Sleep in a Palace
  38. Own a sporty car.    My New Car
  39. Inspire others to go after their dreams.    Inspiring Others
  40. To lift someone up who’s lost all hope.    Lifting Someone Up
  41. To sit on a beach for a week and read books.    Beach for a Week
  42. Fall deeply in love with myself and life.    Falling in Love
  43. Go to Scotland.    Scotland
  44. To see Paris.    Paris
  45. Visit Budapest.    Budapest
  46. See London.    London
  47. Experience the Northern Lights.    Northern Lights
  48. Really experience gluttony.    Gluttony
  49. To see Les Miserable in the theater.    Les Miserable
  50. Really experience sloth.    Sloth
  51. To buy a beautiful piece of jewelry for myself.    Jewelry
  52. Hang Glide.    Hang Gliding
  53. Visit Vancouver.    Vancouver
  54. To see Beauty and the Beast in the theater.    Beauty and the Beast
  55. To ride the world’s largest roller coaster.    World’s Tallest Roller Coaster
  56. Really experience lust.    Lust
  57. To tell people how I feel without need or expectation.    Communicating Without Need
  58. To give my heart completely to all that I do.     With All My Heart
  59. To compete at United States Figure Skating Adult Nationals at the silver level.    Competition
  60. To be imperfect.    Accepting Imperfection
  61. Fly an airplane.    Flying an Airplane
  62. Learn to surf.    Surfing
  63. Trust in God always.    Trust
  64. Learn photography.    Photography Lesson
  65. Get a book deal with a major publisher.    Book Deal
  66. Really experience decadence.    The Decadent Life
  67. Ride in a race car.    Race Car
  68. To Have a Writer’s Lunch in New York City.    Writer’s Lunch
  69. See the slot canyons in Arizona.    Slot Canyons
  70. See Bryce and Zion Canyon.    Zion and Bryce
  71. Own my own business.  Elegant Bridal Designs
  72. Learn to Tango.   Tango Dancing
  73. To remain positive and grateful everyday.    The Power of Gratitude
  74. To become an international author.    International Book Deal
  75. Go to San Diego.    San Diego Trips
  76. Visit Buenos Aires.    Buenos Aires
  77. Visit Machu Picchu.    Machu Piccu
  78. Visit the beaches of Brazil.    Beaches of Brazil
  79. Visit Iguassu Falls.    Iguassu Falls
  80. Visit the Amazon.     Visit the Amazon.
  81. Raft the Futaleufu.    Rafting
  82. Visit Bariloche.    Bariloche
  83. Visit the Chilean Wine Country.    Chilean Wine Country
  84. Visit Santiago.     Santiago
  85. Go to Carnivale.     Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  86. See Patagonia.     Patagonia
  87. To have an open conversation with people of many faiths.    Conversation
  88. Go canyoning.    Canyoning
  89. Have a huge book launch party   Launch Party
  90. Play on a Trapeze   Trapeze
  91. Go Bungee Jumping
  92. Land an Axel or a Double in Figure Skating
  93. Become a Bestselling Author.
  94. Have a book I’ve written made into a movie.
  95. Visit Petra, Jordan.
  96. Visit Egypt.
  97. See the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.
  98. Visit Israel.
  99. Do charity work in Africa.
  100. Private
  101. Private
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